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Stritt & Priebe can do whatever Safety Valve Repair you need, wherever you need it done!

Types Repaired:testing1.jpg

  • Conventional spring operated
  • Pilot operated
  • Section I
  • Section IV
  • Section VIII
  • Steam
  • Liquid
  • Air
  • Gas

Now offering the National Board Test Only program to meet the needs of customers who need to do periodic testing of their pressure relief valves.
   Often, with smaller valves, customers will automatically replace any PRV that doesn’t pass the Test, rather than repair the valve.
  Being able to offer this certified Test Only program for periodic testing of pressure relief valves sets Stritt & Priebe apart from the competition!

icon-pdf.png VR Certificate vr_logo.gif Only independent National Board certified facility in New York State for the recertification & repair of safety/relief valves for air/gas, liquid and steam (Stamp #14)
icon-pdf.png T/O Certificate  test_only_logo.jpg National Board certified facility for Test Only of  safety/relief valves to confirm or restore valve set point/performance to manufacturer’s specs with only external adjustments. (Mark#11)

icon-pdf.png Download Safety Valve Brochure and our Repair Brochure!





Onsite Electronic Valve Testing available
with no interruption to process or profits!










Utilize Our Expert On-Site or In-Shop Repair Service101_1441_web.jpg

 Our mobile machine shops can come to your location, or your valves can come to our 40,000 square foot facility. We have customers in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, Albany, Binghamton, Oswego, Jamestown, Olean, Erie, Youngstown & Cleveland. We can do it all!

  • All materials & pressure classes
  • Steam, air, gas & liquids
  • Weld repair to all metals
  • Unique equipment to meet your needs
  • Flange repairs inline
  • Portable seat milling
  • Lapping of safety & conventional valves
  • Computerized Electronic Valve inline testing without shut down
  • Expert modification available on valves
  • Obsolete parts made from billets & rough castings
  • Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Conventional valve repair also


 We break down your valve for a free evaluation with recommendation!
No cost to you!

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Board Certified
Valve Repair

Holding Stamp #14

“It's refreshing to see a distributor that takes quality as serious as S&P does. Simple, yet effective systems, putting the right personnel in place and attention to detail have gone a long way in making sure we get what we order every time.”

Kevin Wilson

Supply Chain Quality Engineer